07/07/2011 - Skeleton in the Closet

Two couples each face their own marriage problems. Ben is addicted to pornography and masturbation, while Henry is adament about aborting an unwanted pregnancy. Will their wives be able to find strength in Jesus to deal with their respective situations, and ultimately restore their broken marriages? Skeleton in the Closet digs deeper into the lives of these four souls and explore real-life issues that people struggle with everyday. A feature film based on a true-story.

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19 & 20/05/2011 - Junior Movie Maker @ Singapore Chinese Girls' School

G & J Creation conducts media production courses for the students from Primary Schools all the way to Tertiary Institutions. Through thes courses, students will be exposed to the entire process of producing a short film, from scripting to shooting to editing. Students will bring home with them not only an invaluable experience, but also their very own original short film to share with family and friends. Want to try being a writer/director/actor/editor? Join this course now!

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07/04/2011 - Panasonic corporate video

A corporate training video / commercial of a Panasonic corded phone, showcasing the features of the product through a quirky MTV-like story. Commissioned by Panasonic

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23/12/2010 - 3D Project

3D Project An upbeat quirky MTV produced in 3D. A soundman experiences all sorts of difficulties trying to capture good sound, and eventually finds joy in listening to his own singing.

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03/10/2010 - Yamashita's Treasure

Yamashita's Treasure is on Channel 8 every Sunday at 1030am. Click here to view its trailer.

The legend of Yamashita's Treasure goes that General Yamashita from World War 2 had a huge secret stash of treasure that was highly coveted. To prevent them from being stolen, he ordered his right-hand man, General Song Ben Liang, to hide this treasure as safely as possible. Song Ben Liang decided to hide them in several locations around Singapore, creating a series of puzzles hidden within 5 different maps. 60 years later, three children chance upon these maps. Will they be able to solve all the puzzles, especially when surrounded by suspicious characters who pretend to be friends?


31/09/2010 - Love Cuts

Love Cuts DVD is now in stores. Click here to view its trailer.

Forty-something Cecilia, better known as Sissy to her friends, is a seamstress, earning a respectable reputation in her trade for superb craftsmanship. Her candid, affable and attentive disposition also makes her extremely well-liked and popular. In a twist of fate, this mother-of-two is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. The movie encrypts a poignant and moving portrayal of the challenges she faces as a result of her diagnosis, but also of how she inspires and changes the lives of the people around her. Also starring Hong Kong's Kenny Ho. This movie receives the backing of Singapore's Health Promotion Board.

15/06/2010 - NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK

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In recent years we have seen people from all walks of life and all kinds of professions get together to either discover new and exciting activities, or to take part in existing activities. These "new groups" bring on a new wave of passion for pastimes and hobbies, sacrificing much of their time to dedicate their lives to these passions. Through the programme, audience will be able to understand the relentless spirit and passion of these fervent hobbyists, and learn how to be part of them.

Auntie Lucy


15/12/2009 - AUNTIE LUCY

Auntie Lucy Slam Dunk DVD is now in stores. Click here to view its trailer.

The passionate 'Auntie Lucy' loves collecting free gifts and lending a helping hand to the needy. When one of her friends is diagnosed with cancer, Auntie Lucy and others team up to help her raise funds through a friendly basketball match. Hilarity ensues as they pull out all the stops to defeat the National Basketball Youth Team.



15/12/2009 - RED CONNECTION

Click here to view the trailer for Red Connection.

Red Connection tells of a man's struggle on the road towards salvation.


24/08/2009 - AUNTIE LUCY

The press conference last friday was featured in Lian He Zao Bao. Click on the image to view the full article. Support Aunty Lucy the Movie by adding her on Facebook at aunty.lucy@hotmail.com

The DVD will be released by Scorpio East Entertainment.